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Group Dining After San Francisco International Art Festival

The San Francisco International Arts Festival is coming up in San Francisco, and if you’ll be in town to attend this exciting event, be sure to visit Scroll Bar for a delicious meal!

About The San Francisco International Arts Festival

The San Francisco Arts Festival will be presented by The Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture and the Eyes and Ears Foundation. It will be held from May 24th to June 3rd.

Since 2003, the arts festival council has been celebrating the arts and bringing together artists and audiences from all over the world! This year, the council is extremely happy to dedicate the festival to 50 years of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy.

Calendar and ticket information for the festival can be found here. Find out more about ticket options for the various types of festival passes available here.

From the daily lineup, you’ll see that there are Master Classes, dance performances, musical performances, live theatre, video art, educational activities, and receptions and parties. In other words, this festival celebrates all of the arts, and there’s something for everyone!

Dining at Scroll Bar

We’d love to welcome you at our table at Scroll Bar! If you’d like to check out our menus, take a look at our selection here! We have menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! For breakfast, order our breakfast buffet and have everything at your fingertips! We also have a large breakfast a la carte menu and numerous delicious morning cocktails and hot beverages.

At lunch, check out our Roasted Beet and Quinoa Salad, the French Onion Soup, the Cuban Sandwich, or our Wild Mushroom Risotto. At dinner, experience the daily fresh catch of the day, or go all out with our Grilled 14 ounce NY Strip Steak. We’ve also got Ahi Poke Stack or Blistered Shishito Peppers to share!

Why Choose Scroll Bar?

It’s always a memorable and relaxing experience at Scroll Bar. Located on the San Francisco waterfront on the Redwood Shores, we have a seasonal menu that is locally-inspired. Come to have a light meal that’s different from your norm, or enjoy a full meal of classic favorites.

Our bar offers unique and creative cocktails as well. Take a drink with a friend on our large outdoor terrace. It’s a great place to visit for business or pleasure!

Don’t forget to schedule your reservations before you head into town for The San Francisco International Art Festival! Our tables go fast! Ready to book now? Just head here, and we’ll see you soon!